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Frequently Asked Questions
If you are looking to invest, we suggest you to go for Capex plan. If you are looking for pay as you go option then Opex is the best plan for you.
Yes we have to come into an agreement to render our services
We provide free maintenance services upon initial contract. You can also avail subscription based maintenance services from us.
Our solar panels have manufacturer's warranty for 10 years. Our inverters have manufacturer's warranty for 10 years. All the other products have long warranty periods as well.
Yes, we do provide consulting services. From design to execution we can provide the best plan for you to execute.
We take the shortest time from start to finish a project. On average, It takes us 1 month to commission a 1MWp project.
You can contact us through phone or email at any time.
For any type of query, please email us at contact@grit.energy  Write Us