Solar Asset Management
Solar Asset Management

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance in order to function. The only thing they need is a periodic light cleaning to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren't obstructing the sun's rays. The only time you may need more extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy snowfall, or if your panels' energy output starts to decrease. Not just panels your other system such as inverters, cables, distribtuin board, circuit breakers also need proper management to perform long term optimally. We manage your solar system with our combined experience of more than 20 years


You can increase the output to 2x just by maintaining and servicing the solar system regularly.

Our Process In Few Steps
Step One:
Get subscribed
You need to subscribe to our Solar Asset Management Service. From then on, It's on us to keep your system efficient!
Step Two:
Semi-automized and fully-automized Servicing
We deploy our service technicians and cleaning robots to keep your system efficient.
Step Three:
Get the desired power
Our study suggests that regular maintenance service can give you a 2x power output.
How It Works?!

Our proprietary algorithm coupled with dry cleaning robots ensures optimum generation all around the year. One cleaner robot can be used to maintain up to 4MW of Solar PV Panels. Our fully specialized technicians will continuously monitor your system and provide support on site when power generation goes below the anticipated output. We are taking the headache of ensuring optimum power generation while you can focus on your business.

Why Us!

We deploy state of the art technologies for our maintenance services.

Save Your Money
Increase the system output by regular maintenance services.
Consult & Planning
We are available to consult you anywhere any time at any place.
Save more than you pay
Your gain is more than your subscription fees.
We will provide a tailored plan upon inspecting your system.
Yes, we have to come under a subscription based contract.
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Our Solar business now provides the preferred channel to market for some of the world’s leading PV manufacturers and our solar professionals work jointly with partners on enhancing product features, lowering lead times and improving cash flow.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
Performance Measures
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