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In Grit Energy, we believe everybody has the right to have access to clean source of energy. Sun is shining up there for free, we capture the good for you...

Roughly 16 million people still live without access to electricity in Bangladesh, whereas electricity is the foundation of sustainable development.

How can we meet the growing demand for electricity while protecting Bangladesh's climate for a better place to live in? Solar is now the reasonable solution for sustainable energy future of Bangladesh.

Fostering the Growth of Bangladeshi Solar Energy Market
By 2041, Bangladesh will need 24 GW renewable energy, Grit is leading from the front

Our Solar Service covers 360° solution for the client, from Procurement to Designing and Installation, we are even here for maintenance service - rely on us for the lifetime of your solar plant!

Making Tomorrow Different Today.
Energize Society With Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

In recent years, new capacity across the solar value chain has become necessary to support the PV market’s growth. However, the capital required to establish and scale-up wafer, solar cell and solar module manufacturing facilities is considerable.

Together, these factors pose a serious challenge to sustainable operation and growth of global solar manufacturers.

Save Your Money
Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home by installing solar panels as a great option.
5 Stars Customer Service
Understand that we must go above our customer expectations during each interaction always.
Your Space Your Energy
Everyday the sun provides us with an abundance of free energy by placing solar panels on your roof.
Consultation & Planning
Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients critical remote locations.
Certified Engineers
Our sales engineers on our staff have years of experience and can design any complete solar system.
Awards & Milestones
Benefiting from nearly 20 years experience.
Improving The Performance Of Solar Energy.
Latest Projects, Solutions And Energy Supplies

With our innovative technologies, clear focus on the needs of our customers, and dedicated expert team, we work to energize society. Let’s make tomorrow different starting from today!

Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Our Solar business now provides the preferred channel to market for some of the world’s leading PV manufacturers and our solar professionals work jointly with partners on enhancing product features, lowering lead times and improving cash flow.

Environmental Sensitivity
Personalised Solutions
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