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Last updated: December 23, 2021

Welcome to Grit Energy Terms and Conditions page. We pledge the highest quality user experience and thrive for cutting-edge technology adoption on a regular basis. All the terms stated below are hence, to serve you as a better service provider. 

Kindly note that we frequently update our T&C page. So, stay updated with this page to get informed about our terms regularly. These terms and conditions are applicable for Grit Technologies Ltd.’s energy solution website, located at www.grit.energy

By accessing the website, the visitor accepts the terms and conditions of this page. 

Terminology for Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and All Agreements

  1. Please be informed that in this website ‘user,’ ‘you,’ and ‘your’ refer to the person who has logged on to this website and hereby, duly and kindly accepts to be compliant to the Company’s terms and conditions. 
  2. ‘The company,’ ‘we,’ ‘our,’ and ‘us,’ refer to either Grit Technologies Ltd. or Grit Energy, or both.
  3. ‘Party,’ ‘Parties,’ or ‘Us,’ refer to both the user and the company. 

All terms stated on this page refer to the acceptance, offer, and consideration of payment appropriate to the user in the most appropriate manner. The company abides by Bangladeshi laws in providing services and protecting user’s rights. 


To enrich our visitors’ browsing experiences, some of our web pages use ‘cookies’ so that we can serve you better with preferred and customized information when you return to our site for further visits. For your kind acknowledgment, cookies are website identifiers which ‘www.grit.energy’ sends to your computer browser to facilitate your next visit to our website. However, you can change your browser settings to notify you when you are sent a cookie so that you have the control to decide whether accept it or not. Please note that we collect and analyze cookie information to improve our service to you.


Grit Technologies Ltd. and/ or Grit Energy’s licensors own the intellectual property rights for all physical and virtual material on Grit Technologies Ltd. Please note that the company reserves all our intellectual property rights. 

As a customer or visitor of the website, you must not – 

  1. Sub-license material from Grit Technologies Ltd.
  2. Reproduce, duplicate, or copy material from Grit Technologies Ltd.
  3. Redistribute content without prior consent from Grit Technologies Ltd.

Third-Party Content and Opinion

Some parts of this website may offer an opportunity for users to post and exchange opinions in the form of comments. Grit Technologies Ltd. does not edit, publish, filter, or review any comment prior to their presence on the website. Please note that any such comment does not reflect the views and opinions of Grit Technologies Ltd., its agents, and/ or affiliates. 

However, a comment reflects the view of the commenter, not the company itself possesses any authority over personal opinion. As per the existing laws, Grit Technologies Ltd. will not be liable for the personal comments, damages, or other expenses caused and/ or suffered due to those comments. In tandem, Grit Technologies Ltd. reserves all the rights to monitor or remove any comment if that is inappropriate, offensive, or causes breach of Grit’s Terms and Conditions.

Usage & Hyperlink to Grit Technologies Ltd. Content

We hereby do authorize any individual or business entity to use or hyperlink our content with appropriate credit to the content creator ‘Grit Technologies Ltd.’ with related hyperlink. 

Grit believes in knowledge sharing as the core of its value, so no prior approval is required to use our content without breaching intellectual property rights. 

However, Grit will not be liable to the view or opinion of a third party who has used our content as references. Grit legally reserves the right to remove inappropriate content published on a third-party website or written form that has referred to Grit in their content.

Similarly, Grit will give proper credit to any such content from other sources without violating that source’s terms and conditions.

Removal of Links from Our Website

If you find a link on our website offensive for any reason, you are always free to contact and inform us at any moment. We will highly prioritize your request to remove links if we find those inappropriate in any manner.

Grit will update its terms and conditions from time to time in order to enrich customer experience to the epitomic standard. Please keep abreast with our latest policies regularly to learn more about your rights and obligations as a visitor.


Our Agents and dealers can use Grit Technology’s logo abiding by the corporate style guide of Grit Technologies. Others will have to avail prior consent from us to use our logo. Grit Technologies solely preserves the right to publish, print, or draw its logo on merchandise, and can authorize an individual or company to do so if deemed applicable.


Please note that without prior approval and written permission from Grit, you cannot create frames around any of our webpages that may alter in any way the visual presentation or appearance of Grit’s website.


As an energy service provider, battery pack manufacturer, and seller, we are committed to ensuring the topmost quality product performance from our end. However, Grit will not be liable for any accident or harm caused to the customer, product, or user by using Grit’s battery, solar solution, or other accessories. Since Lithium Batteries are very delicate to use, please follow the appropriate guidelines provided by Grit Technologies to avoid any kind of hazard or damage. 

We solely reserve the right to announce, alter, or terminate any guarantee or warranty provided by Grit Technologies Ltd. However, we shall never violate the promised guarantee or warranty if the product or service is appropriately used by the user following our guidelines. 

If you have any issue with our terms and conditions, don’t hesitate to reach out by mailing contact@


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