How to Calculate Solar Shed to Shed Distance

Solar Shed to Shed (Row to Row) Distance Calculation

In Bangladesh, Solar irradiation follows the following sun path diagram throughout the year:

In the winter season, the sun’s altitude is at its lowest position from 9 am to 3 pm, which is the solar window/ space for maximum irradiation. To ensure there is no shadow on solar panels throughout the year, we need to make sure that on the lowest altitude sun path aka 22 December (winter solstice), the solar shed’s row to row distance is satisfying no-shadow condition. By satisfying 22 December’s no-shadow condition, the rest of the year will automatically follow. 

As we can see in this sun-path diagram, on 22 December, Sun’s Azimuth on 9 am to 3 pm is 45 degree (for every 1 hour, sun azimuths deflects for 15 degree, as 360°24 hours= 15°. From the graph, we can see sun’s altitude in that day is approximately 25°. 

We need to calculate L for winter solstice (22 December)

Here, at 9 am or 3 pm

Azimuth, α = 45°

Altitude, β = 25°

We will find h for 3 different sheds in the following image:

For 3 Row PV Shed

h = 96’’

In triangle ABC

d = htanβ= 96 / tan (25°) = 206’’

In triangle BCD

L = d sin(45°) = 146’’

For 2 Row PV Shed

h = 67.5’’

In triangle ABC

d = htanβ= 67.5 / tan (25°) = 145’’

In triangle BCD

L = d sin(45°) = 102’’

For 1 Row PV Shed

h = 42’’

In triangle ABC

d = htanβ= 42 / tan (25°) = 90’’

In triangle BCD

L = d sin(45°) = 64’’

Shed Pole to Pole distance:

With L, add the lower bases of two sheds to calculate pole-to-pole distance to avoid shadow

For a 3-Row to 3-Row Shed pole distance

Total distance = L + 27’’ + 27’’ = 146’’ + 54’’ = 200’’ = 16.67 ft

In this manner, we can form the 3✕3 pole to pole distance row spacing grid:

In Front Shed
In Back Shed
3 Row Shed2 Row Shed1 Row Shed
3 Row Shed27’’+146’’+27’’=200’’27’’+146’’+25’’=198’’27’’+146’’+17’’=190’’
2 Row Shed25’’+102’’+27’’=154’’25’’+102’’+25’’=152’’25’’+102’’+17’’=144’’
1 Row Shed17’’+64’’+27’’=108’’17’’+64’’+25’’=106’’17’’+64’’+17’’=98’’

In this manner, we can calculate the shed-to-shed distance between solar panel tables.

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